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Plot#35, Street#3, Sagar Society, Banjara Hills, TS - 500034, India

Customer satisfaction is our focus.

Our Mission

Relationships make a key difference in decisions, trust is earned from consistently good service. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products, with fast delivery and excellent pre-sales and post-sales service.



We have an extensive sales team in key geographical areas, catering to most industries across the nation.


We represent some of the market leaders in their field, manufacturing products of the highest quality.


We keep adequate stock of all fast moving items so that they can be available at short notice.


We have an experienced service team that exceeds market demands to ensure customer satisfaction.



With a large range of products readily available in our Inventory, and scheduled weekly import shipments from various principals, we offer you unmatched speed and service. We maintain a large stock of products with a wide range of part numbers from all our principals.


With over 40 dedicated employees, open 9am – 8pm Monday through Saturday, With 5000 sq. feet of office and warehouse space, We are one of the most dedicated organizations in this business. We understand our customers, we work with them closely, always looking for ways to improve our services.


We are a 40 year old company, and the experience of serving a broad range of customers for many years has helped us understand their requirements and be able to meet their demands on time through intuitive stocking methods and an efficient infrastructure and network of reliable sources.

Product Portfolio

With a comprehensive range of products under our belt, we are fully equipped to meet your demands, if we do not have any product available with us, we will try to find for you.. we believe in making things easy for our customers, we would like to offer you anything you need and try save some of your valuable time.

Keeping this in mind, we set up a sourcing office in London, U.K. , This office focuses on sourcing products that are hard to find, and also offers limited direct imports.

We represent market leaders such as Avantor, VWR, Hichrom, Dr.Maisch, Fortis, Whatman, V:Kit, Justrite safety products and many more high quality product manufacturers. Over the past few years, we have expanded our focus from Analytical labs towards Inhalation testing labs, bringing on board market leaders and world renowned companies such as Copley and Freeman Technology and aim to keep adding more product lines to our range.

Product range


HPLC, GC & IC Columns

Chiral & GPC Columns

Vials, Caps and Septa

HPLC and GC End-Fittings and Accessories

SPE, Micro Filtration Devices and Syringe Filters

HPLC and GC syringes

Guard & Prep Columns

Tubing and Tubing Cutters

Couplers and Splitters for HPLC and GC

Vacuum Manifolds

HPLC Column storage units

Mobile Phase Caps and many more

Product range


Copley Inhalation testing products

Justrite safety products

Copley Inhalation Automation products

Copley Pharmaceutical testing products

Copley Detergent testing products

Freeman Technology Powder testing instruments.

HPLC Pumps, HPLC Column heaters & switching devices

Heating and Cooling Blocks and Hot Plates from Asynt

ModCol Spring Technology Prep Column Packer & Slurry Packer

 ELSD detector

Buchi Flash Chromatography System

Digital Flow Check Meters from V-Kit

and many other small instruments


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Plot#35, Street#3, Sagar Society

Banjara Hills

500034 – TS, India

Phone:  +9140 23559696/97

Mobile:  +91 9848177772


Working hours:

Monday-Friday: 10:00 – 20:00

Saturday: 10:00 – 19:00

Sunday: Closed