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Plot#35, Street#3, Sagar Society, Banjara Hills, TS - 500034, India

Hichrom is an expanding company, working at the cutting edge of separation science. Founded in 1978, we are one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of ultra high performance and high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC & HPLC) columns and accessories.

Hichrom’s products are used at the frontiers of science, medicine and forensics – for example, to analyse the content of new drugs, to batch test pharmaceuticals, and to identify any contaminants in substances including blood, urine and water.

Based in Theale, Berkshire, we sell over 95% of the world’s leading brands of HPLC columns, supplying to more than 100 countries, through our network of distributors.

Our customers include many leading companies in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, food, oil and plastic industries as well as numerous hospitals and universities.

Throughout the world, we are known for our quality, excellence and technical expertise and we pride ourselves on our commitment to Research  Development and our ongoing success as a UK manufacturer and exporter.

VWR has long been the leading global, independent provider of product and service solutions to laboratory and production customers, enabling science for customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, education, government and healthcare industries.

In 2017, VWR was acquired by Avantor, a global supplier of ultra-high-purity materials and customized solutions for the life sciences and advanced technology industries. VWR’s expansive channel access and deep customer relationships strengthens Avantor’s abilities, adding a vital new dimension to the full scope of solutions we can provide—from discovery to delivery.

Avantor is a leading global provider of integrated, tailored solutions for the life sciences and advanced technology industries. In 2017, Avantor acquired VWR, the major global independent provider of product, supply chain and service solutions to laboratory and production customers. The combined company operates under the Avantor name, with VWR remaining as a selling channel


  • Alltima
  • Alltima HP
  • Vydac
  • Apollo
  • Genesis
  • Prevail
  • Apex
  • Allsep Anion
  • Adsorbosil
  • Adsorbosphere
  • Allsphere
  • Brava
  • Econosil
  • Econosphere
  • Ultrasphere
  • GraceSmart
  • Grom Sil
  • Grom Sapphire
  • Macrosphere
  • Platinum
  • ProSphere
  • VisionHT
  • Partisil
  • Partisphere

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